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" Store the Sun"

Produce and Store your own Energy

Make a DIY or a hobby to built your own Solar System to reduce your Energy costs or go off the grit.




Sun, Wind, Storage Batteries, Inverter

This are the main components for your own system

Install it by yourself

Everyone can do it with the simplest tools. Make a DIY projekt and show your kids how electric power is produced.

Enjoy free Energy

Save money on your Power bill or even get rid of the Power Company.

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With a little sweat equity, lower energy costs are right in your very own hands


With rising energy costs you can't afford to waste time if you truly want to save money. The sooner you begin the more money you will save.


You could start with a simple project just to figure out how it all works (and, believe me, it's very straightforward). Perhaps even get the rest of the family involved. Or even a modern solar energy bee where neighbors get together, learn together and then build each others' systems together. Just like the barn raising bees of old, but with a truly modern twist!


It will be a great feeling to sit in your easy chair and know that you don't have to send a single dollar to the power company for your electrical energy requirements.


You can build the system anywhere - the cottage, a wilderness camp, a boathouse or even your very own home.


I have been using my own solar system since 2008 and it has worked extremely well and I have seen very significant savings in my power bills (I am not quite off the grid, but getting very very close).


The solution can be found in the inexpensive deep cycle batteries such as lead acid batteries, or the more environmentally friendly NiFe batteries.


The NiFe batteries are much more cost-efficient over the long-term and are guaranteed for 15 years.


I started out on the used forklift battery route and now I have several acid filled batteries sitting in my backyard. I realized rather quickly this is was not the way to do things so let me save you the trouble.


Why not buy your batteries once.


Your children can benefit from the work you do today and Boy Oh Boy! will your neighbors ever be envious!