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Outdoor Battery Pack


Jump Start your Car



Model: QD01CH


Model: SC - FJ09





12V emergency start of your vehicle.

Favorable to mobile charging of various brands laptops.

Backing to mobile charging of various brands cell-phones, MP3/MP4, handheld computer PDA, Tablet PC

High luminance and multi-modes LED lighting

Multiple safety protection design, make sure zero defect products.




High safety using rare earth materials, the battery is in characteristics of no fire breaking out and no explosion, accompanying you through the journey with no worries.


Mini exquisite and portable, the battery,1/5 volume of equivalent specification lead-acid batteries, only 500g weight, is daily life necessity of self-driving travel and outdoor sports.


Easy to start: continuously trigger the automobile for over 30 times at 20% low electric quantity.


Powerful LED luminance system:general lighting,SOS distress signal and bright lighting.


Mobile power supply: back to charging for various digital and bright lighting.


Ultra-large capacity; over 12000mAh battery capacity,continuously charging Iphone for 4-5 times.


Ultra-long life: over 3000 times cycle life.


High temperature resistance: products are stored between -40°C and 85°C for a long time.


Vehicle start operation guidance


1. Open the front cover of car engine.


2. Connect battery clip to car battery.


3. Insert the other and of plug into Car starter.


4. Turn the switch to start.


5. Disconnect the battery plug.

You are outdoors the hole day, you run low on Cell Phone Battery, GPS, Ipad Music, This Power Pack keeps you connected