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Nickel - Iron Batterys


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Tools for filling the battery with electrolye















The battery is not harmed in any way if it is overcharged.

In some situations you can hook up the solar panel directly without the use of a charge controllersome sitortions you just hook up the solar panel direcktly, without charge controller

You can squeeze all the amps possible out of the Battery

and it will still have a long life, unlike other types of batteries.

No Memory Efect

As there is no memory effect the battery is best used for everyday cycles where it can be discharged completely and recharged every single day.

No Acid and simple green technology

Absolutely no dangers battery acid and proven green technology No other battery on the market has the lifespan of a NiFe battery.

Low maintenance

When the battery is hard charged, it may be necessary to add some distilled water.

15 Years limited warranty

There's a 15 year limited warranty on both workmanship and on the plates.

NiFe Battery does not freeze

Batteries do not freeze so it would be perfect for unattended cottages boats, or RVs over the cold winter months.

You can add more batterys in the future

More batteries can easily be added at any time so if you wish to add to your existing system it is no problem at all. For instance if you have a 500 ampere-hour system you can easily add an 800 Ah system.

Charge the Batterys with a C/5 rate

NiFe batteries charge at a much faster rate then do lead acid batteriest

Example: 600aH /C5 = 600/5=120aH charge or discharge rate

Up to 80% Deph of Discharge

NiFe batteries have an up to 80% depth of discharge which will give you 50% more usable ampere-hours per cell than lead acid batteries.

Replace a Cell at any time

If you have a defective cell

Add different battery capacities in parallel

you have an existing 400aH, just add 700aH in parallel


The Electrolyte is a mixture of KOH and LiOH

Our Batteries will be shipped Empty

You will mix the Electrolyte by yoursel its easy, just add destilled water to the powder, tools are includet.

Why do I sell these batteries?

I may be just like you. I love and respect the environment around me. I do not like getting power bills every month or two. I don't mind doing projects especially ones that will eventually save me money. I do not like to blindly rush into a project. I need to research completely and look for the best alternatives. I recently completed a solar swimming pool heating system for a neighbor and it allowed him to be able to sell his energy consuming heat pump, saving a substantial amount of money. In fact the water temperature in the pool now with the solar system is greater than that that was achieved with the heat pump. My point-anything is possible.


When designing a system I look into all the products available and the total cost of the system including panels, cables, inverters, batteries and everything else.


Even after I had done some basic research I decided to go to the local recycling depot and get some batteries but I've been recycled these batteries eventually became part of my battery graveyard at home. There has to be a better way!

The first time I came across NiFe batteries this was when I work for a streetcar company in Vienna, Austria and the batteries in use there were in fact NiFe batteries. No maintenance was done on them because it was not required. These batteries were used 24-7 in the streetcars and had been in use for at least 30 years prior to my discovering therm.

Seiden manufactures these batteries in China and I distribute them for the company. I like the idea of just buying the batteries once and that's it - not having to replace them every five or six years or perhaps even less!




Save your money and buy once a good system that last you out.





What people complain about it



Yes. The batteries cost more, but quality does cost more. Think BMW or Mercedes


Yes. The batteries are heavy, but you aren't taking them grocery shopping. That reminds me - fridges are heavy too!


Yes. They will last a long time - probably well into the next generation.


Yes. The batteries will not need to be replaced, so I will not sell as many as I could have with other batteries.


Yes. Solar panel prices have dropped drastically over the years, and continue to do so